DLL Registration – Win32 vs .NET

There are different methods for registering a Win32-based DLL, versus a .NET DLL. Win32 DLLs were typically created with legacy Visual Studio 6 C++, whereas .NET DLLs are created using Visual Studio 2005 or later.
To register a Win32 DLL, REGSVR32.exe is used. Format: REGSVR32 [dllname]

To register a .NET DLL, REGASM.exe is used. Format: REGASM [dllname]

The REGSVR32.exe tool is located in the library: C:WindowsSystem32
The REGASM.exe tool is located in the library: C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727 (or later versions of the .NET framework)

These Microsoft Links provide additional information regarding the registration tools:
REGASM.exe (Assembly Registration Tool)


To unregister DLLs:
REGSVR32 [dllname] /u
REGASM [dllname] /unregister

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